Guide to UFO VPN Protocols

VPN protocols are the methods by which your device connects to a VPN server. Here is a comprehensive guide to UFO VPN protocols.

UFO VPN provides 4 protocols for users at present.
1. Protocol A
2. Protocol B
3. Protocol C
4. Protocol D


What are these four VPN protocols for?

1. Protocol A
Protocol A is designed to work with the fastest speed, which is good for most users.
2. Protocol B
Protocol B is specially designed for making video calls. For users who locates in the Middle East countries that block video call, protocol B is the best solution.
3. Protocol C
Protocol C is specially designed to unblock the school/workplaces firewalls.
4. Protocol D
Protocol D is the upgraded version for Protocol B. And it is designed with advanced ability to unblock the video call too.

How to pick the best VPN protocol for my needs?

1. If you use UFO VPN to change your IP and enjoy specific geo-restricted services,
→ Go ahead with Auto protocol, which will get you the best protocol for you~
2. If you are users from middle east countries, and want to unblock the countrywide censorship and block.
→ Try Protocol B and D, which are specially for making video calls and unblock the firewalls there.
3. If you are a student from school that uses a firewall to block your access to specific internet content, such as social media, anime and streaming sites
→ Protocol C with a domain encryption is for you.

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